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Author Topic: Starting a local 80% lower club with intent to buy a Ghost Gunner or other CNC  (Read 1446 times)

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I and some friends of mine are contemplating starting a local club with the intent of aiding each other with finishing 80% lowers, not just for the AR platform, but possibly others.  We are just hobbyists and gun lovers.  We have all built AR's from parts before, a few of us have minor gun mithing experience and we all have a smattering of machining experience and likely more than a little naivete about what we are getting in to.

The reason we are contemplating a club is to go in on buying equipment together.  We are interested in a Ghost Gunner 2, mainly because none of us has any CNC experience, and none of us has a drill press or other machining equipment at the moment.  So, if we are gonna guy equipment anyway, maybe a Ghost Gunner is the best way for us to go.  Price isn't a primary concern, so long as we aren't talking multiple thousands.  We are also thinking of eventually buying equipment for coating our handiwork as well, not just machining the lowers, but also coating them, and other firearm parts for the finished product.

The reason I thought this topic belonged in the legal forum is I want the advice of people with more experience about this than us regarding any legal issues we might come across about building 80% lowers together.  I have heard of 'builder parties' that cross the legal lines, and while in my opinion what we are planning isn't anything like that, I really have no experience or knowledge to base that opinion on.  The plan is that while the equipment would be collectively owned, it would only be used by one of us at a time, on a scheduled individual basis, and it would be moved from home to home as needed for whoever was using it at the time. 

I realize we may need to involve a lawyer for real answers to this question, and others that may come up, but I figured I would start by asking questions here before I talk to someone who wants me to pay them for their time. 

Thanks for your help!