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After some research, I find that AR-Stoner is the house brand sold by MidwayUSA, and they get OK reviews.    Obviously Midway doesn't build much or any of their products, so they are having it built by somebody.    Barrels are rumored to made by Satern or ER Shaw.       The BCG does not have an extractor O-ring installed, but that is a easy/cheap to fix.  The spent brass is headstamped GFL .223 which is said to be  made by Fiocchi.

It was on sale for $279, and with Midway customer service I figured I couldn't go that far wrong buying it.  The upper looks good enough to put on a Anderson lower for a low cost plinking rifle. 

I recently bought a 5.56 NATO 1/9 AR-15 upper from MidwayUSA and was searching the forge mark when I found this forum and thread.    I bought a Stoner upper, Midway part number 221905, and it looks a great deal like your Bear Creek upper.  The same MM signed OK on my inspection, and the upper has F30 engraved on it.

The BCG is properly staked, and I have not yet had a chance to break it down and check for a rubber insert.



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