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80% Lower Builds / Re: The Barbie Dream Rifle AR-15
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:48:04 PM »
Nice work!

Have you tried adjusting the belts on the press for more torque? I'm using a small harbor freight drill press, and while I haven't done a 7075, it easily drills the 6061.

Have you had a chance to use this method? Curious as my trigger slot is just a little burred.

It only seems to happen on the side with the safe/fire engravings because of the gap there (has to clear the stops on the lower above that area).
I tried some clear scotch tape, bit it just got ripped off.

I'm using the easy jig, and when drilling the hole for the safety selector, I've noticed that the aluminum will spin with the drill bit as it is spinning damaging the anodizing near the hole. I use small "passes" to minimize the size of the chips, but it seems that they always mar it a little. This is due to the gap between the jig wall and the lower.

Anyone have a method for eliminating that damage? I've considered putting an o ring or thin nylon washer between the jig and lower to minimize the space the chips can travel.

I noticed that you did the "recommended" plunge cut on your final passes on the main pocket. Something that has worked well for me is getting down to the last pass or so on the pocket, then swapping to the trigger hole template, drill the hole, then go back to the main pocket template and use the trigger hole to start your router and side cut the final passes. Eliminated the weird chatter I got by trying to plunge cut it.

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